Innovation by design

Comprehensive Management of the Innovation Strategy

ImaginA IT is a technical office for the comprehensive management of the innovation strategy of companies and public administrations.

We accompany public and private entities that are committed to innovation as a lever for growth, development and differentiation, to take advantage of the different R&D&I financing vehicles that apply to their sector, being a catalyst for innovation projects in different areas whose objective is the implementation of Artificial Intelligence techniques for better management of resources.

Circular Economy

SmartAgro Ecological Transition


IT | OT | Cyber ​​intelligence | Forensic Repository


Agrofood | Algae | Food alternatives | Biowaste




Defense capabilities against new national security threats

Quantum Technologies

Quantum computing
Quantum communication


Training in
digital technologies

Resources for the comprehensive management of the innovation strategy

The instruments we use to promote the competitiveness of our clients through innovation are:

Aid and financing

Active search for aid and different types of financing that apply to both the public and private sectors.

Coordination of innovation projects

Catalyst for the management of the different stages of the project, including all documentation work before, during and after the project.

R&D outsourcing for companies

Technical office for innovation project management.

R&D Projects

We are driving the future through various Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) projects. We are currently working on a number of initiatives ranging from the creation of disruptive technologies to the optimization of industrial processes. Our projects focus on sustainability, efficiency and positive impact on society. Discover how our projects are shaping the future and bringing value to multiple sectors.


We promote strategic alliances among our network of collaborators to create the best ecosystem for each project.

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